Coming in On the Storm--Moving to Little Rock in Bad Weather

Moving in bad weatherBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

In a perfect world, moving day will be a balmy 72 degrees with a light breeze and low humidity. The birds will sing, and also the chipmunks will give assistance with small cartons. However, in the real world, specifically as summer time winds down and the weather turns a a bit more nasty, you need to be ready for inclement weather conditions which might dampen moving day.

For starters, a word regarding hurricanes. A hurricane is a humongous thunderstorm, with robust wind gusts as well as lightning possibilities. Presently, there are a few churnings in the waters in the southern US which vary from minimal nuisances to cataclysmic and will effect a fair area of the country. In case your move is booked for a time or area that coincides with the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane, postpone it. A professional moving company will not chance their people and equipment, but in the case you are the do-it-yourself type just reschedule. Forecasting currently is sophisticated enough that you are cognizant of impending storms weeks out, so plan properly.

Here's how to handle your move to Little Rock in the course of awful winter weather conditions.

Prepare Your Homes

For starters, make sure your houses are prepared. The power and water ought to be on at your new residence, so you can get yourself all set for the move-in when your new home is within the direction of the weather. Talk to your real estate professional to verify that there's a water faucet on somewhere to prevent the pipes from freezing, and that the thermostat is set to at least 55 degrees--no one wants to come home to a burst pipe. In case you are moving long distance, employ someone to clear the driveway and salt the sidewalks to get inside the house without incident. For a local move in Little Rock, send a teen or your usual snow removal contact over to perform the shoveling immediately after your old house is finished.

Cover the entry with old blankets or bath towels to keep the slipperiness of tile or hardwood floors to a minimum in addition to mitigate mud, salt, and snow tracking inside your home.

Professional movers in Little Rock know how to pack and prep your belongings in order that they are not harmed in awful weather. You should expect to see plenty of moving blankets and shrink wrap. A number of delicate things--art, china, or electronics--are sensitive to temperature, therefore if you have packed these items yourself request the movers to verify that those items are properly protected against the cold temperatures.

Ask the movers to verify that there are no leaking places in the truck--it is a tiny threat but one that everybody wishes to avoid.

Prepare Yourself

It will likely be a lengthy, and frankly, a difficult day if you are moving in the rain or snow. Get out your camping gear--waterproof footwear, tarps, extra stockings, ponchos, and rain jackets--or your winter stuff--ski pants, gloves, hats, and hand warmers--and get some dry garments handy for the drive. It is crucial that you layer--as you begin moving you may get heated and you do not wish to get too hot.

Prepare Your Vehicles

In case you are driving to the new home, get your cars serviced ahead of moving day. A full tank of fuel is a given, but get your auto technician to examine the tires and underneath the hood prior to leaving. Of course, you might have AAA, but do not believe you're going to be the sole vehicle in distress that particular day.

Plan an extra path to your new house--if secondary roads are the perfect choice on a clear and dry day, the identical won't necessarily be true in a winter storm. Stay with primary roads--interstates as well as big highways--since you can be sure those will be cleared and salted regularly to avoid ice buildup.

Prepare to Stop

The biggest thing to prepare for is the possibility that your move to Little Rock may cease midway-if circumstances worsen until it's not safe to drive. You should make hotel reservations for a night or two at home and also en route as soon as you receive the nasty forecast (be sure to include your pets); it is easy to cancel if you need to.

There are numerous obvious benefits of employing a professional moving company, but it's the intangibles that matter most. When using experienced pros, they can guide your move to Little Rock through undesirable weather conditions with experience and care.


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