What to Expect with Your Local Move

What to Expect with Your Local Residential Move in Little Rock

How far you’re moving makes no difference. You still want to insure that your local residential move’s as easy as possible a move – no hitches, no headaches, no heartaches. Oil Capitol Relocation understands. We’ve helped thousands of Little Rock people move across the street or across town in our years of business. What our customers genuinely value is our smooth performance of …

The Moving Process

Here are the steps:

FREE Ballpark Pricing

When you first approach us to consult on your move, we’ll provide you with a FREE ballpark estimate of what it will cost you – reflecting our elementary recognition of what you’ll need. This amount might go up or go down, after further review and what move options you pick.

The Home Survey

We provide you with two options for helping us come up with a final, more precise estimate – either of which is meant to address your schedule in a way that’s most convenient for you:

  1. a live, in-home conference with one of our skilled estimators – featuring a full-house assessment of the items you’ll need shipped, or
  2. a video inventory that puts the latest technology to work for your benefit, linking you to our estimator via your cell phone as you move through your home and point out what has to be moved.

The Written Estimate

Taking into account our consultations with you and the results of your Home Survey, we’ll provide you with a written estimate of what your move will cost you. This written estimate fixes that cost with far greater accuracy than our preliminary ballpark estimate. It takes into account each aspect of your shipment, including all moving services you’ve selected.

The Customer Agreement

Once you’ve selected the options you think best and agreed to our terms and pricing, you’ll sign an agreement with us. You can regard this as your move contract fixing locations, move dates and times, the moving services you’ve selected, and other details such as cost, safety, and insurance. With this matter taken care of, we set up your move.

The Move Plan

This is when your exclusive Oil Capitol Relocation Move Concierge contacts you to …

  • affirm your move dates and the addresses, primarily your current (origination) address and your destination address
  • vet which of our services you desire
  • give you a clear indication of what to expect from your move, and
  • answer your questions.

Your Move Concierge is your one point of contact from this point until the conclusion of your move. He or she will make sure that you’re abreast of everything that’s happening with your local residential move – to assure as smooth, seamless, and satisfying a move as anybody could give you.

The Pre-Move Confirmation

As your move date comes up, we’ll send you an email or give you a call to ensure that everything planned for is still to your liking. We’ll make a final affirmation of dates, times, locations, and other aspects of the move to keep it on track.


As is typical of us, we extend you options to address your needs and budget. You can handle your own packing (and we can provision you with the packing materials, if you like) … you can authorize our full-service Little Rock movers to assist you in packing … or you can go with a customized plan where you get the packing started and we help with specialty items.


When the truck and crew arrive, they’ll introduce themselves and conduct a walk-through of your home to get accustomed to the room flow and what needs moving out. Then they’ll prepare the home to protect it, padding stair rails, sharp corners, doors and jambs, and setting down carpet covers to keep high-traffic areas free of dirt and damage. Next, they’ll perform a systematic loading procedure, where moving boxes are labeled and inventoried according to rooms and your needs on arrival at your new home. Components that have to be disassembled – from entertainment centers to beds to swing sets – are properly broken down in this phase. All through the loading process, quality checks are conducted and communication with your Move Concierge is maintained.


Once we get your possessions safely to your new home – in good time and in one piece, we take great care to unload it. Our delivery services entail …

  • making use of protective pads and carpet covers to keep your your new home safe from any sort of damage during the course of your move-in,
  • systematic unloading – where we unload your household goods and personal items into the rooms you want them in, per your wishes,
  • reassembly of items broken down intentionally for the move – beds, and so forth,
  • unpacking – just give us the go-ahead; we’ll do it, and
  • debris removal – where, if you prefer, our crews will cart off all the empty moving boxes and materials after the unpacking.

The Post-Move Follow-up

This is where your exclusive Oil Capitol Relocation Move Concierge calls you to inquire how you felt about the move … gauge the quality of the services we performed … talk about any issues that might linger … and, most of all, THANK YOU for engaging Oil Capitol Relocation! Your absolute satisfaction is what keeps us going.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distance move.
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