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November 27, 2023

Things to Ask When Getting a Moving Estimate

preparing to moveBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

Moving to is a big deal. No matter whether you're moving down the street or a fair distance, there is lots of tasks and also details that have to be taken care of. Using a professional mover in Little Rock will help alleviate much of the hassle, but where do you even begin in finding the best local or long-distance moving company for your requirements? It is vital that you speak with a number of movers and compare costs prior to signing an agreement with just any moving company in Little Rock. However, it usually is more difficult than simply calling them and inquiring what they would charge for your move. Various local moving companies provide numerous levels of service and various services are incorporated into their customary quote. Thus, it is crucial to analyze each quotation and take the time to comprehend what is and what is not contained in them to be able to make an “apples-to-apples” comparison. Listed here are several things to ask as you are collecting and going over moving estimates.

1) Which services are additional?

Nobody enjoys surprises with regards to moving, particularly when those surprises are in the shape of costs on your bill. A big mistake that numerous people make is assuming that all you need will be automatically bundled in your moving estimate. Run over each and every line of the quotation and ensure that you comprehend precisely what is and what's possibly not included and determine that your needs are covered. If anything you need to have is not contained, request for it to be added to the estimation. Be certain to repeat this with every moving company in Little Rock you are looking at choosing to help you efficiently evaluate quotes.

2) What is the valuation of the goods?

Let’s face it. Professional movers are human and regardless of their best efforts, accidental damage can happen on occasion. Valuation will help address the price of repairing or replacing harmed things. A lot of moving companies offer different levels of valuation for your move with the lowest cost valuation package paying a flat rate per pound for broken things, so make sure that you know what amount of vaulation is included in the quote. It is a good idea to additionally speak to your insurance agent to learn if your stuff may be covered during your move using your homeowner’s insurance policy.

3) Is this a binding or non-binding quotation?

It’s always best to have either an in-person or video quote so your moving company estimator is able to see your belongings and determine how much they weigh and the amount of cartons that you'll need. In the event that you get a binding estimate, it should include all costs and should make certain that the price isn't going to surpass the quoted rate. If it isn’t something that you and the local moving company estimator have discussed, make sure and ask if the quote will be binding or non-binding.

4) What about payment?

It’s necessary to recognize payment timing as well as accepted methods. Make sure and determine if you have to put down a deposit. It is not unusual for moving companies in Little Rock to require a percentage of the overall bill to be paid upon loading with the remainder due after the job is completed. Additionally, you’ll need to determine what payment methods the moving company in Little Rock accepts. Most companies accept credit cards, however some may require a check or cash. When you happen to be paying by check, find out whether or not a personal check shall be taken or if you need a cashier’s check. The last thing you prefer is to be unprepared and have to run to the bank at the last second, during an already frantic time.

We want you to feel completely comfortable with your choice of moving company, which is why we invite you to ask as many questions as you desire. If you are ready to get moving on your move, contact Oil Capitol Relocation in Little Rock right now to ask for an estimate.

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