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March 25, 2023

Moving & Stress: Do They Have to Go Hand in Hand?

preparing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

Moving can be one of the most stressful tasks you can do. It takes up your free time, and while it most always works out in the end, it might result in a few grey hairs along the way.

As a professional moving company in Little Rock, we've seen all kinds of moves, both smooth and chaotic, and we have some guidelines that can help you circumvent some of the stress of moving.

· Understand that the stress is present. Telling yourself that you aren’t stressed might make you additionally stressed. Stress is typical and natural, and working through it does require understanding it is there.

· Attempt to allow yourself adequate time to accomplish what needs to be done. It will take a lot of people two days to pack up a studio or one bedroom, three to four day for packing two bedrooms, or five to six days for three bedrooms. In the event you possess a lot of things, then it may likely take additional time. In the event you need moving boxes, be sure to purchase them early and make a plan for if you run out. Check with your local moving company in Little Rock, as they might have used cartons available. You need to also allow a day or two to clean the house you are leaving.

· Create a plan. Think about how you need to plan things for the best result. Some people need lots of to-do lists, other people will try to find a moving app for their cell phone. Set deadlines for each and every stage of the move and give yourself enough time that blowing the deadline will not mean disaster. Also, think about what needs to be put into each box. Label your cartons clearly and consistently, so you can explain those labeling system to the professional movers in Little Rock. Label anything that is fragile. Ponder for a moment what area everything is going into in the new residence and label boxes accordingly. Most professional movers in Little Rock will willingly place everything marked "K" in the kitchen for you.

· Do not hesitate to ask for assistance or hire a moving company to assist. You don't have to handle the entire move yourself. Ask your friends as well as extended family members for help. Find professional movers in Little Rock for the heavy lifting, though, rather than counting on anyone's goodwill. In the event you happen to be super busy and can afford it, think about having the moving company in Little Rock to handle some or all the packing, too.

· Be okay to let it go. Moving will be a great reason to get rid of items which might be taking up space in your house a long time out of sheer apathy. In the event you have a beyond “normal” use piece of furniture, now could be the time to kick it to the curb and purchase a replacement after you move. Old cell phones that don't work? Books you have not read in ten years? Something you completely forgot you even had? Sell the items that you can and donate everything else.

· Make certain to allow for downtime. Moving can consume your existence. Many folks realize they don't have time to get a decent amount of sleep during the move. Or they might not do anything accept work, move, and worry about the move. Give some leeway in your schedule so you can go out for lunch, take the kids to do something fun, etc.

· In the event you are moving to a new area or perhaps a new city, explore the new area for a bit. Spend some time searching for restaurants you need to try and attractions you want to visit. Create a list of the diners and select one you really like the idea of, then plan to go there the day after you move when you don't have your kitchen unpacked yet.

Moving can be stressful, but these suggestions can help reduce the stress and turn it into an adventure. Remember that professional movers in Little Rock can assist with as much or as little of the move as required, and your local mover in Little Rock will be a wonderful resource for everything from tips and tricks to moving supplies. Additionally, keep in mind this is a temporary condition and everything will return to normal soon enough.


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