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January 03, 2023

Moving is a BIG Job

By Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

Getting ready to moveUnless you get rid of everything that you have and start over at your new residence, moving demands a huge amount of work. When you establish it’s time to move, there are a number of tasks to ensure your move proceeds as simply as possible. You have to balance budgeting, house hunting, deciding on a moving company in Little Rock, packing, notifying everyone you know, transferring or setting up utilities, unpacking, securing new doctors, registering the kids for school and so forth. With all that stuff to get accomplished in a fixed amount of time, it would be more surprising if moving was not a big task. Nonetheless, we are apt to make moving more complicated and laborious than it could be. So, we are here to mention a couple ways that we tend to make moving more arduous than it could be.

1) Poor Planning

Put together a specific plan for your move, one which explains everything you need to accomplish and add a schedule with time frames. Be sure and assign someone to each and every undertaking.

2) Procrastination

Why pack up your belongings today if you can postpone it until later, right? Wrong! If you find yourself continually delaying things, you may be setting yourself up for a troublesome moving day. No matter if is booking professional movers in Little Rock or going through your belongings, procrastination might bring on delays and additional costs. Don’t postpone items on your to-do list. Create your moving timeline and then go with it.

3) Moving Too Much Stuff

Let’s face it, most folks have tons of stuff in their residences which they do not require. Therefore, when it is time to pack up and move, if you merely think that everything must move with you, your move might be more costly and take more time. Before you start packing, set aside a little time to go through your things. Do not plan on moving items that are broken, that you won’t use and that you just don’t need. It is also a good notion to gauge weighty items, because they could cost more to move than they are worth, and they may be difficult to locate a spot for them in your new house.

4) Missing Packing Deadlines

The movers will arrive in the morning. Your things aren’t even close to being packed up yet, therefore you hurry around like a frantic person and shove everything into whatever boxes you have onhand. Poor packing makes it more possible that stuff will get broken in transit. Hurried labeling can make it harder to find things whilst you are unpacking. If you cannot get all your things packed up before the professional movers in Little Rock arrive, you chance trying to pack as the movers are loading the moving van. Or worse, the movers could cancel for the day and tell you to call your customer service coordinator to reschedule your moving day. Do not delay. Commence packing well ahead of your move date.

5) Doing too Much Yourself

There is a point at which moving is too much for a single person. Employing professional movers in Little Rock and having the moving company pack your things are obvious things to do to lighten the workload. However there are additional ways to get help. You might ask friends to help you hold a yard sale or to watch your children or pets when you are packing. Additionally, some organizations might come and pick up your donations, which will save you from having to drive to the drop off location. You can hire a cleaning service to take care of your old home after you are moved out and to additionally deep clean your new house prior to when you move in. And finally, make sure that all family members are pitching in with moving related jobs. Even your young kids could be asked to do age-appropriate jobs.

Frequently during the moving process, it’s normal to ask yourself, “Why is this so much work?”. But alas, if you steer clear of the pitfalls mentioned above, hopefully your move will go smoothly.

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