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March 04, 2019

Keeping The Kids Entertained When You Arrive Ahead of the Moving Truck

Moving Day

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
Whenever you move, you and the moving truck typically depart around the same time. After all, you'll need to oversee the loading, after which you have no need to stay around after all your things are gone. Therefore, you and your youngsters and all your overnight bags load up into your car and set off to the new home. However moving trucks are unable to move as fast as your own automobile and don't always take the same course. Therefore, they invariably arrive a couple of hours to a couple of days later than the family members doing the moving.

Which ends up in one of the more fascinating concerns of moving to Little Rock: Bare House Day. There's bound to be a bit of time where you will be at the house with a working key without home furnishings or cartons to start unpacking. On your own, you could simply relax with some videos on your phone. Or possibly just go stroll the area a lttle bit. However when you have kids, it is advisable to have a strategy. Children might get wiggly, frustrated, or perhaps spooked spending a day and night in a bare residence before the moving truck arrives.

Presently, we're here to discuss a couple of handy techniques for parents to help their kids have some fun on Vacant House Day.

Arrange Spaces with Masking Tape

The first thing the kids will want to do is claim their new area. However devoid of furniture, it's difficult to accomplish anything following calling 'dibs'. Unless you employ a roll of masking tape. Using this, it is possible to mark off where the pieces of furniture would be if you had it, a rectangle for the couch, one for every bed. Even a circle for the dog bed, if you've got canine gear in route.

Masking or perhaps painter's tape is not difficult to tear and has adhesive weak enough not to leave a residue. This means you can safely put it on floors and walls with no damage to the finish or having to clean after. And you can devote a lot of a night putting outlines of pictures on the walls and beds on the flooring whilst your children get tired enough to camp out for the night.

Dinner Out or even Supper In

Next, there's the dilemma of an evening meal. There are several strategies to deal with eating throughout Bare House Day, from packing a cooler to ordering takeout. If your kids are lively and you have the moving money, take into consideration taking them out to eat to address dinner and make moving day special.

Modern cell phones and laptops are more than capable of charging up in the new house in Little Rock and helping you look for a excellent spot close by that is open in the evening. Or, if you'd rather stay in and have an empty residence sleepover, order a pizza or takeout. You may also make your first dinner by bringing ingredients plus some utensils on your drive. Or swing by a local food store to get items. Each of these tasks will be fun and unique, as well as kill a couple of hours, for your children prior to when the professional movers arrive.

Explore the Attic

In case you have a whole day to wait for the truck in Little Rock, you will need more than a few daytime hour activities. Playing out in the backyard is a wonderful place to begin, nevertheless, you can also investigate the house completely. Odds are, you did not see each and every little detail prior to choosing to move in. Work with the kids to find access to storage as well as utility areas and visit the attic and basement should there be any. (Just be sure to oversee the youngsters very carefully and use appropriate safety precautions.)

Stroll to a Nearby Playground

Most neighborhoods have a park somewhere within walking distance. Apartments as well as HOA neighborhoods are wonderful concerning keeping their parks well-maintained and all set for local children to play. There may also be an elementary school nearby that wouldn't mind you passing a few daylight hours running around at their park.

Perform a little research, then take the kids for a fun hike to get to be familiar with the area. Here's your perfect chance to find out the course to the nearest park and decide if you're okay with your children making this trip by themselves in the future. And they can get their first encounter of a neat spot nearby to play.

Sock Glides and Gymnastics Tricks

Last but not least, there are the activities you are only able to do when the home is empty. Like flipping along the wide-open flooring or sock-sliding over the entire size of the hardwood rooms. Empty room gymnastics are one of the best ways to help your children think about Vacant House Day as a special occasion to celebrate as opposed to a weird time without home furnishings.


When preparing a move to Little Rock with your youngsters, you'll want to take into account that you'll almost always arrive before the moving truck. Using these enjoyable approaches and a few that you will naturally think of as you go along, you can make it fun for your children to have an adventurous day or two in the empty residence before their stuff catches up with them. To get more fantastic moving hints, contact us today!


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The Mickelson Family
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