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April 18, 2024

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health While Moving to Little Rock

Packing for a Move

By Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 
As a moving company in Little Rock, we get that moving to a different home can create lots of different feelings to form including joy, anxiety, panic, and also fear, just to name some. And a move can also yield feelings of depression.

This phenomenon is known as relocation depression and might happen to anyone.

Certainly, you need your new residence to be a safe spot, not a cause for stress or sadness. Keeping that top of mind, following are a couple great methods that you can take care of your mental health while moving and get life in your new location off to a wonderful start.

1) Manage Your Move

Worry is often one of the notable contributors to depression; and a unsystematic move will cause you stress. Even if it might require a bit of added effort, make sure to do all you can to keep your move organized as well as on-schedule.

This might include:

  • Packing and labeling your stuff well in front of your move date
  • Researching your new house and location, and visiting the area if feasible
  • Keeping a daily to-do list closeby
  • Creating a moving timeline, and sticking to it as closely as is feasible

In the event you can reduce the tension you have during your relocation, then you should be in a better position to handle any issues that crop up afterwards. And keep in mind that a professional moving company in Little Rock will help your relocation keep on track.

2) Recreate a "Piece of Home" in Your New Place

After you arrive at your new house and commence unpacking, try to create a familiar space. Maybe you can organize your household furniture in the same arrangement which you did at your old house; or perhaps you might hang your art in the same pattern they were in previously. No matter what the case might be, you'll likely be more comfortable if are in in a familiar environment — even if it is only a "piece of home" from your previous place.

3) Get Sufficient Rest and Exercise

Many times, your problems won't seem quite so awful after a great night of slumber. Being tired has been linked to increased anxiety, irritability, and depression, so don't ignore your need for some sleep.

Likewise, it is also crucial to get into a healthy, constant exercise routine. Times of moderate to strenuous exercise can release endorphins in your brain — and these chemicals have been associated with increased happiness and reduced anxiety. Don’t forget, you will also feel more energy once you stay with your exercise routine, which may help fight off depression.

4) Connect with Others

In the aftermath of the pandemic, a lot of folks are feeling lonelier and more detached than ever before. To cope with such gloomy feelings, take the lead to get together with others both live and also virtually. Organize Zoom calls with your friends and loved ones, in the event they are too far away to see in person. Send them regular text messages to check on them and give them a call if you have the time. In addition, it might be a good idea to join a volunteer organization in your new community or sign up for classes and events put on by nearby. You can also follow local social media groups. All these activities might help you to be united with others and propel you through the feelings of isolation.

5) Make a Workable Routine, and Stick to It

Human beings are creatures of habit. We tend to be content and more secure when our lives have structure and follow a predictable pattern. Knowing that, try to make a practical, realistic routine for yourself as quickly as you can — and then stay with it! It's uncanny how an easy activity such as waking up at the same time every morning can help you to vanquish the blues.

Additionally, don't hesitate to seek out a professional counselor for assistance. Depression after moving is no joke! However, with effort, perseverance, and help from your friends and loved ones, you will get over it and make your move a favorable one!


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