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April 21, 2017

Hey, Little Rock: These 8 Office Relocation Gaffes Can Really Drain Your Finances

office being prepared for a moveYou’ve got a business to run. And now you have to run it while you’re moving it from one location to another! How do you keep your Little Rock business growing and the profits flowing while your furniture’s going out the door? That’s the “million dollar” question of office relocation! Give it a wrong answer, and your productivity and profits will go out the door with the furniture.

At Oil Capitol Relocation, we’ve got a great answer for you – one that can help keep you from making 8 faux pas that we, as office relocation specialists, find all too typically made:
  1. Not Planning Ahead. When you first know you’ve got to move, that’s when you should commence planning for it. Unfortunately, too many firms launch into their office relocation planning a little too late. Too late for what, you ask? Well, too late for moving companies and other providers to draft a decent proposal for you, let alone properly deliver the goods and services you purchase from them. Remember: too little time frequently translates into too many errors. Let the size of your firm and the complexity of your move – i.e., the number of tasks that must be finished before other tasks can be begun – guide you in figuring out how soon is soon enough.
  2. Not Vetting Your Mover Completely. Office relocations are tough. You need a moving company that’s expert enough to handle office furniture and modular systems, computer systems and networking, office equipment, machinery, and hardware, cabling, phone systems, security systems, building permits, and ... that’s just to begin with}48]! So, whatever moving companies you’re Really Drain Your Finances">

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