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October 06, 2018

Autumn Upkeep Tasks for New Homeowners in Little Rock

New Homeowners - MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Great job--you are a new homeowner!

Now that the movers have left, and you're really a homeowner, rather than getting in touch with your landlord when the air conditioner goes on the fritz, or maybe the roof drips, guess who must make it better? That is right--you do. Chances are pretty decent that little detail was dismissed in your exhilaration over moving to Little Rock along with new things (which hopefully contained a leaf blower), but now that autumn is really coming soon, it is time to get your new residence ready for chilly weather conditions. There is no need to worry, simply abide by these practical hacks and you'll be equipped for chestnuts roasting on an open fire in no time.


Even though you love having air conditioning during the warm months, in the event it is out for several days it is possible to get by. But if your furnace has a winter break, specifically if it is in the midst of a "weather event", your actual survival could be at risk.

Taking a look at your furnace is at the top of the to-do list. If you're a wise home buyer, and you are, then you certainly had the Heating and cooling inspected prior to when you closed on the new home. You should have confidence that the mechanics are in solid working order, nevertheless you should do these relatively easy chores a minimum of annually. 

  • Replace filters--you ought to swap your filters every 3 months, unless you have a permanent one. If that's the case, take it off and wash it on the same schedule.
  • Check that the vents are open and get rid of any debris from the unit--a leaf blower will do a great job.
  • Switch to smart thermostat--they conserve a good amount of energy as they are set up to automatically reset during the day. 


Safety first--prior to when you climb on the roof in Little Rock, be sure you have the appropriate step ladder along with a wingman to steady the ladder and catch you if you topple--or at least phone 911. Otherwise, hire a roofing contractor to come get rid of the crud and tidy the gutters.

If you're confident you can get up there and return safely, here is what you need to do. 

  • Get rid of any tree branches or other build up that is up there.
  • Clean up the rain gutters. Blocked rain gutters cause more roof damage compared to snow, wind, and rain--if the water cannot circulate easily through, pooling water causes leaks. Pooling water that freezes penetrates into roofing shingles which will help your roof to leak quicker. The leaf blower is quite good for gutter maintenance, as well. Buying a clog-free gutter system is a good idea in case you have a wooded yard. 

Doors and Windows

If your house has newer, energy-efficient doors and windows, clear the clutter from the frames and check that the weather-stripping is uncluttered and tidy. This is a good project for a blustery day--you'll find it less difficult to tell if there are spaces when you are able feel the breeze. If your weather-stripping is degrading, remove and replace it--it really is reasonably priced and found in several colors from home improvement retailers.

Should you have older windows with screens, take off the screens and replace them with storm windows. The storms are heavier glass that help retain warmth.


Just as before, since you have just a short while ago attained the house, the chimney for a wood burning fireplace ought to be in decent condition. It's still wise to check for any debris that's fallen in, as well as small animals that have decided to nest there. You don't want your first roaring fire being enhanced with eau de bird.

Outdoor Furniture

The way in which you treat your outside areas is dependent tremendously on your geographical area. In a number of areas, you may use your backyard year 'round; in others you need to begin buttoning up by the beginning of Fall. In the event that severe weather is normal, cover up your patio furniture or bring it inside to the garage or even basement, and protect grills, too. Plastic toys (playhouses, sandboxes) will need shelter, so cover all those as well--it is very nice to have those outside for sunny days in the event the kiddies want to get outside.

Congratulations on transforming into a home owner in Little Rock, and if you do not already have a leaf blower, get one. It is the handiest tool imaginable for house upkeep.

And, if you are looking to become a new homeowner and need assistance moving in Little Rock, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group a call!!


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The Mickelson Family
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