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May 24, 2024

5 Tips to Ensure Your Moving Day Goes Smoothly

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation
Moving is normally a long process, and at times it could even be convoluted and chaotic. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your relocation as smooth as possible. The initial (and most important) thing is to hire a professional moving company in Little Rock. But beyond that, read on for five helpful hints for moving day that will help make everything a tad less stressful.

1. Be certain you (or somebody you trust) is present

This should seem like a given, however you may be shocked how many times professional movers in Little Rock must deal with absent clients on moving day. In the event you can't be there due to an emergency, make sure that a accountable adult is present for the entire day (or days). Someone will need to answer the movers' questions, sign the movers’ paperwork, and direct the packing/loading process as needed.

2. Make Sure that there is an unobstructed route from the residence to the truck

For your safety, the safety of the moving crew, and the safety of your belongings, it is imperative that you clear out a route which is wide enough to accommodate your household goods. Be sure to remove all tripping hazards both inside and outside your residence, this includes toys, clothes, tools, pieces of trash, and so forth.

3. Perform an initial and final walkthrough with the moving team

At the onset of the day, you’ll to go through your house with the moving crew and point out things of extreme, fragile things, and items which will not be loaded onto the moving van. Ensure your professional movers in Little Rock clearly understand and will recall your instructions.

At the end of the day, it is a great idea to embark on a final walkthrough to make sure that all your belongings have been loaded, and that nothing might be forgotten. This is an ideal time to check your drawers, cabinets, and also closets for any items which could have been missed.

4. Keep youngsters and/or family pets occupied

We all love our kids and our "furry friends," but many times, they slow things down when work needs to be done. That's not to mention how they may accidentally make themselves "trip hazards" by running throughout the home while the movers are carrying your boxes.

The point is, it's great to have a plan. If you have youngsters, attempt to keep them busy with fun activities in a separate space, so that they are happy, busy, and out of the way. Or even better, see if a family member or friend might be around to watch them for the day. And if you have household pets, it may be best to put them in a kennel or cage for a little while or have someone take care of them for the duration of the packing and loading process.

5. Make sure you and the company driver are on the same page

Once your things are all packed and loaded on the truck, you still want them to show up to your new home on time and in one piece. With that in mind, it's always a great idea to exchange your contact information with the moving company's driver. Make sure you and the driver are on the same page when it comes to the delivery schedule.

When you remember these five guidelines on moving day, then the complete process will almost certainly be a lot more efficient, and less stressful for all involved. And if you would like experienced, professional movers in Little Rock to help your relocation become a reality, be certain to reach out to our team at the Oil Capitol Relocation today.


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