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January 19, 2019

5 Packing Tricks That Make DIY Moving Easier

Packing Hacks

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
A few people move a lot more frequently as opposed to others. Though there are many benefits to putting down roots, there are a few specific skill-sets which come from moving regularly. After a certain number of moves, you discover ways to handle your boxes. You are able to use a roll of packing tape as well as understand how to disperse weight within cardboard boxes. However, most notably, you discover at least a handful of tactics which make moving much smoother.

Thankfully, it's not necessary to move a dozen times to find out these tips. Even if you are arranging your first sizeable move away from home, certain strategies are going to simplify your moving process each time. Currently, we are here to disclose some of the pro-tricks to enable you to reduce both the price and also hassle of moving to Little Rock. From no cost packing material to box labeling, if you are planning on traveling the "do-it-yourself" path for packing, the perfect techniques can make a huge difference.

Wrap Breakables in Garments

The first creative packing trick is to utilize as little packing materials as you can. This will lower volume as well as help you save money on moving supplies. Rather than packing peanuts and newspaper, try wrapping your fragile items in clean laundry instead. Socks, scarves, and also bath towels are excellent packing materials as they can cushion a number of sensitive things very successfully.

It's also possible to merge your breakables and winter apparel by wrapping dishes or even artwork with sweaters. Blankets as well as unused jackets can be used to wrap the surface of household furniture or various electronics (only make sure that zippers and also buttons don't produce scratches). And it saves you the extra boxes to put the soft possessions. Interestingly, proficiency moves the other way, too. Pans, bowls, as well as bins are excellent storage units for smaller sized stuff...especially groups of wrapped breakables.

This suggestion is particularly beneficial if you're moving a minimal distance or intending to undertake the move to Little Rock yourself. In case you're planning on appointing professional movers, they are going to re-check your packing of breakable things to make certain that they are safe to be moved within the moving truck.

No cost Cartons from Deliveries

It is entirely possible to obtain all your moving boxes for free once you know where to look along with who to ask. Most moving guides suggest checking with stores for their gently used boxes. This is particularly helpful for heavy-duty cartons. Having said that, today's eCommerce industry supplies yet another excellent road to get free of charge boxes: deliveries.

Many people need to buy a number of things before moving. Tape, coat hangers, plastic bins, along with road trip snack food items. Ordering your supplies on the internet can result in shipments to your residence. Deliveries get there inside no cost sturdy boxes that can be used to pack inside. Additionally, request your friends, relatives and neighbors to save boxes from their deliveries for you. Should you commence a couple months beforehand, you very well might have enough cartons for your things by the point move time comes around.

Make Use of Your Luggage

Another excellent way to pack effectively is using the containers you currently have. Bags, bins, and cartons are common moving items. But, did you know that you can also make use of luggage? Travel suitcases are incredibly useful when packing for a move. They are designed to keep clothing in great condition or can supply a cushioned place to pack oddly shaped things.

Packing your suitcase sets also makes them advantageous for their volume in the moving truck. Or, they can be used as first night bags to hold belongings you would like in the course of and also soon after the move. On a related, but different note... You could also make make-shift garmet bags by wrapping trash bags around groups of hanging clothes.

Design a Packing System

Packing to move is about more than purely packing your things in cartons. It is advisable to take into consideration what you want to be loaded last as well as what you need to unpack initially at your new home. Things like clothes, toiletries, as well as fundamental kitchen items need to be readily available. Put them aside, box them last and keep them accessible when you arrive.

Regarding all the things in the middle, pack with unpacking as your intended purpose. As an illustration, you probably would like to organize your bathroom quickly. So, load up all of your bathroom stuff like bath caddies, soap dispensers, and cleaning implements jointly in a box to help make this quicker. If you've got stuff that will not be unpacked for months, consider deep storage straight away.

Label Everything Thoroughly

Lastly, be precise about your labeling. You will end up thanking yourself for it when unpacking later. The last thing you want is to be slicing open every box trying to find a missing item or supplies. Be quite exact in your box labeling and include different included categories. You should not, for instance, tag 6 cartons "Kitchen". Instead, label them "Kitchen - Pots and Pans" "Kitchen - Dishes and Utensils" "Kitchen - Pantry" and so on.

It's also wise to keep cords and cables together whenever possible. However, just before you remove the initial cord or cable, take a simple picture of the back of the television set, DVD player, and so forth in the event you require a reminder down the road of what cable goes where. Use zipper bags and packing tape whenever feasible to group items jointly. Designate whilst keeping the screws for the television wall mounts in a bag attached to the TV or assign one particular box as your "parts box" and clearly label and place all parts in this particular box. Bind up power cables and tag them with whatever they were made to power. And also, obviously, pack sets together. This makes it much easier to unbox on the other side.


It's not necessary to move each year of your life to be a moving pro. Being creative and figuring out as you go along are an element of the tradition. With these techniques and many others, it is possible to significantly improve your moving experience. Streamline packing, lessen your load and make arrival much smoother.

Do not forget that the majority of professional movers are set and able to pack up as much or as little as you want, so foregoing most of the previously mentioned and merely calling your local professional mover may be the most effective packing hack of all!

For additional moving ideas or an appointment to talk over your moving needs, contact A-1 Freeman Moving Group now!


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