Streamline Your Corporate Relocation to Little Rock

Office MovingFor many organizations, the day arrives when moving your firm seems like the right thing to do. Whether you're seeking a bigger office, lower operating costs, or tax enhancements, moving becomes necessary for a profitable road ahead. However if you are like most COOs or CEOs, and the thought of boxing up your facilities, your residence, and your lives is just more than you even want to think about, click your heels three times and contact A-1 Freeman Moving Group. We admit that we cannot actually pick up homes and put them down in Oz, we can handle your corporate move to Little Rock from beginning to end--with one contact to be the person in charge of all elements of your move.

The single point of contact concept has caught on with health care and car buying, so why not with corporate relocation? You will have a single name to recall--that of the highly experienced move coordinator who oversees everything from setting up dates to the tools needed to dismantle your office cubicles.

Office Moving

Even if you're not moving the office fixtures and potted plants, moving your corporate offices requires relocating your records, and commonly your technology systems--even if you're obtaining new cubicles and furniture. Your move coordinator will communicate with the appropriate personnel to prepare for taking the office down if you are moving your cubes, desks, chairs, and those plants, with your IT department to make sure your devices are is correctly backed up, packed, and reassembled at the new office, and professionally and safely keep your equipment and inventory while in transit. A-1 Freeman Moving Group also can provide record management that is HIPAA endorsed with the most up-to-date technology to fetch your data rapidly.

The actual move is normally the most agonizing part of the relocation process--the idea of packing up boxes at the office and at home is overwhelming for even the most able-bodied souls, but when you employ the right moving company, all you have to do is meet with your move coordinator to calculate the packing supplies you'll need, the crews necessary to pack, break down, and load, and evaluate how this will all jive within your moving budget. You'll also have the choice to add specialty crew, like IT specialists who are adept at safely moving your servers and ensure your cabling is correct once you are in the new building. The same theory applies if you have large equipment or machinery to move—specialists join up with the moving crew to ensure a safe, smooth process--from breaking down to re-assembly and verifying to make sure all is in perfect working order.

Employee Relocation

Asking your employees to relocate their families is huge; you need to do whatever you can to make sure that you are doing everything within your ability to make the process simple--you do not want to upset your valued workers because you did not pay care to the specifics.

A big portion of the personal move is selling a residence and purchasing another one--if at all possible, work with a corporate relocation company to ease the transition. By taking advantage of Sirva’s Moving Extras program, transferees can get real estate services, such as marketing the transferee’s residence, finding a new residence and assistance securing temporary housing while utilizing A-1 Freeman Moving Group as the household goods relocation provider. Then, your employees will be able to concentrate on the other stuff, like getting their children signed up into new schools and soccer teams, and plotting their new route to the office.

When you give your workers this level of support for their move, they can rest peacefully-- knowing that the particulars of packing up and loading moving vans, and then unloading and assembling the beds back together--are all taken care of. Full service moving really means just that--from estimating the exact number of boxes that you will need, to making sure everything arrives in tip-top shape. Hiring a truly professional moving company grants you the time to concentrate on what is next for your company in Little Rock, with the certainty of knowing the relocation is in good hands.