Sidestep These Moving Disasters in 2020: Part 1

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

For most people, moving is not fun. In truth, even the smoothest of relocations can include a little anxiety.

However, when something goes unbelievably bad on moving day, it is easy to believe that your world is arriving at an end. Rather than having to endure this kind of calamity, it is so more desirable to prepare for those contingencies.

Below are some general moving day mishaps, and the way you can stay away from them:

Your Household Furniture Does not Fit

Upon traveling for what feels like forever to Little Rock, you finally arrive at your new home... only to realize that you are unable to push the couch through the door. That is an enormous letdown, plus a substantial cause of stress.

Solution: Check your sizeable furniture pieces for all their specifications. Be sure to review that which you write down with the dimensions of your new home, plus your new home's entryways.

Your Travel Plans Fall Through

If you wait until the very last minute to make travel preparations (including lodging reservations for long distance moves, or plans for a buddy or two to assist you to transport your things) then it's all too likely that they will fall through, and you will be left scrambling.

Solution: Try to prepare your travel preparations at the very least thirty days beforehand. Arrange alerts for yourself if you need to.

Things are Broken while in transit

It could be one of life's most disheartening encounters to finally arrive at your new residence, open up the moving truck's gate... and find that many of your loved belongings are reduced to shattered pieces spread throughout the boxes.

Solution: In most cases, incorrect packing methods are often the root cause of problems incurred on the road. Use suitable storage containers and cartons for every fragile item that you're bringing. Make sure to use plenty of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or whatever else is necessary to secure and cushion your possessions all through the move. Or, you could ask your professional mover in Little Rock for help packing items. The majority of moving companies will pack as much or as little as you need.

You Find Yourself Paying Much More than You Realized

A couple of days prior to the move, you find out that your bank account is going to take a larger hit than you formerly thought. The moving company in Little Rock is billing you a higher price for their help.

Solution: Many moving companies do charge increased charges for "last minute assistance." To help get the preferred rates, do not put things off: book your move as far ahead of time as possible and always get a written quote from the moving company in Little Rock you select.

In Part 2 of the Moving Disasters blogs, we will go over more problems that can easily throw a wrench in your moving plans and approaches to prevent such difficulties. Stay tuned for more!


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