Should You Move to Little Rock During the COVID-19 Crisis?

getting ready to move - washing handsBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You are preparing for moving to Little Rock, except at this point the world is in lockdown resulting from a pandemic. Would it be still wise for you to proceed with the move? The response to this query is not a basic “yes” or “no”. You need to look at a number of variables, therefore continue reading to find out more.

Obviously, some people might have no alternative but to move; in the event your rental agreement is coming up and you previously decided to vacate, your landlord may charge high month-to-month rent (in a number of areas, evictions have been stopped but rent payments remain required). Or perhaps, your new workplace wants you on site. Or, you're closing on your residence and have to be out by a specific time. In these kinds of instances, you need to work with your professional mover in Little Rock to keep your move on schedule.

When Should You Not Move?

When you have symptoms or perhaps have been instructed to quarantine, you will have to hold off on moving at least until the 14-day quarantine limit has ended. In the event your city is under shelter-in-place, you might not be allowed to move until it's over. Discuss this scenario with your moving company in Little Rock, because they are going to be informed on any specific area protocols. Additionally, in case you’re within a high-risk group, for example people over age 65 and those that are immune compromised, it may be best to postpone your move to a later date.

When is it Acceptable to Move?

Basically, if you are healthy and there are no city or state regulations signifying otherwise, it will be ok to move. Although, it is advisable to discuss precautionary measures with your professional mover to keep you, all your family members as well as the moving crew safe.

What Should You Do Differently?

There are a few things you must do differently:

1. Uphold your distance. It is feasible to practice social distancing even when the moving staff is at your home.

2. Make sure you know what the moving company's guidelines are. A few moving companies are asking for particular extra things, like opening windows or leaving out soap.

3. Stay away from utilizing used packing supplies. New cartons, tape, packing paper as well as other supplies ought to be chosen.

4. Communication is paramount to help keep everyone safe. If throughout the move, anybody at your residence is exhibiting any symptoms of sickness or might have been exposed to the virus, let your moving company in Little Rock know right away. They will work together with you to either reschedule your move or come up with a substitute plan which will work for everyone involved.

If you are planning on moving, bear in mind that you may have to hold off your move until the crisis is over. Yes, this may be a couple of months. If you do proceed, A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Little Rock is here to assist. We're talking all appropriate safeguards to make certain that your move can go smoothly with low risk of anybody getting COVID-19. It is possible, and we can do it.


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