Managing Pet Stress During Your Move to Little Rock

Moving with PetsBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving the family is hectic regardless of how you view it and managing to keep the typical worry under control for the humans is often very a challenge. However whilst you're ensuring your children will be okay with leaving their schools, buddies, and communities, bear in mind that Ruffie and Leo get stressed out and want some additional TLC, also. And of course, cats and dogs react to environmental transitions in different ways, so you'll need a large head for all the counseling caps you've got to put on over the move to Little Rock. Animals that are living a contained life generally do not have the emotional attachment you've got with the cats and dogs--fish in a tank just don't tug on your heartstrings similar to the dog may when he looks at you at dinnertime.

Here's how you can keep your household pets relaxed and happy as you move to Little Rock--so at least somebody in the family is not a tense wreck.


Felines have a tendency to affix to places more than people--tales of cats which go with the homes are not really apocryphal. They're a issue if they are outside cats and you're executing a long distance move--cats have been known to leave the new house to return "home". This isn't such a worry if you're moving down the block, otherwise, this can be a substantial problem.

Think about it--your felines will not run to the door to go for a car ride every time you get your car keys; they are entirely content to keep sunning themselves on the windowsill--until you begin packing and the windowsill is gone behind a heap of cartons. Here's how to deal with your cats.

· Contain free-range cats, starting a few months before you'll move to Little Rock. Get them used to remaining inside with you--if this means late-life kitty litter box teaching, so be it. Lure them in a animal carrier for a few hours daily, so that they are not yowling maniacs once you put them in the car. Take the cats out for brief excursions when you're doing errands--definitely in the carrier.

· Moving day, place the cat and all cat accessories within a room in your home with the door shut. Once the professional movers have packed the moving vans and you are all set to depart, place Kitty in the pet carrier. If your kitty does not travel well, a veterinarian may perhaps prescribe something, so your cat does not have a meltdown inside the car, hence leading to you and the family dog plus the children to have their own mini-meltdowns.

· As soon as you are established in the new house, duplicate the moving-out process for a few days. Keep the pet cats within a space with their belongings, while you cope with the busyness of moving, unpacking, and settling in. Even with indoor felines, they're going to be more content--and less inclined to display their discontent by ignoring the litter box--if you wait until you have settled in a bit to let them to roam free in the house.

· For outside cats, they'll take some time to get used to the new smells of the home and also to recognize this is where their people are, before they should be let out to roam. Place a bowl of cat food outside to help remind them exactly where home is.


Your pup merely needs to be around you, however he'll get stressed when you are troubled. Dog stress is greatest pre-move, so here's how to keep Fido comfortable and cool when you are losing your mind.

· Allow sufficient time for packing, if you're packing yourself. Seeing a little bit of activity day-to-day isn't a big deal; heading to doggy camp for the day and coming home to a vacant house will probably freak him out.

· Remain in your regular schedule--walks, mealtime, whatever you do, carry on doing it.

· Bring up to date the information if he is microchipped; you can normally go online to make those changes.

· At the new home, show him the lawn, take him out for a stroll, and ensure dinner time is steady.

Fish, Hamsters, Birds

Lock down the cages in the rear of the car or make use of a pet mover to transport them. As aquariums and fish can be a concern to safely move, you could look at donating the aqua-pets to an elementary school.

Acquire copies of your pet's vet reports before you move to Little Rock, so you will have the whole set of immunization files on hand if you need to board before you see the new vet.

Keeping the household pets comfortable when you move to Little Rock will go quite a distance towards keeping you glad. Following these tips definitely will ease the stress of relocating the pets, at least.


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