Learning to Enjoy the Cold Weather When You Dont Really Like It

By Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

As a professional moving company in Little Rock, we understand that moving from a warm-weather place to a cold climate is often jarring --- teeth-chattering, one could proclaim. Naturally, you knew it is cooler than the spot where you used to dwell, however you had no idea just how distinct just about everything in your life could well be. You can forget about snatching your vehicle keys and sprinting out the door with just jeans and a T-shirt on. Oh no. You will need to wear all kinds of wintry clothing items before you proceed outside. You can forget about leaving the windows wide open for hours on end to get pleasant fresh air flowing through your house. Not a chance, you must leave the windows locked and turn up the heat.

Goodness! How to proceed? Well, what you should do is learn to have fun with the cold weather even if you do not genuinely love it. If you learn to accept the cold rather than thinking of it as your foe, you simply might find that there are areas of it that you like! And even in case that you never grow to adore the wintry weather, you might use a few coping mechanisms which will make it more acceptable.


A comfy home goes a long way when it comes to making your area comfy and snug and boosts your existing feeling of well-being. Steer clear of the minimalist look - it'll make your house feel and look cold. Wintry weather cozy conjures pictures of plump sofas in sumptuous material, comfortable throw pillows, area rugs or carpet.

Place some comfy lined slippers beside the front door. Walking on uncovered wooden flooring surfaces or tile can be very unpleasant in the winter months, especially if you are not accustomed to it. Carpeting your house or purchasing various area rugs or throw rugs will go a considerable ways toward keeping your toes snug and can help your house feel cozier.

Bake something. Keeping the oven on can warm your home…plus, the wonderful aroma of fresh bread or cookies baking is definitely plain comforting. You can expect to feel better.

Get insulating windows treatments, like honeycomb shades or heavy drapes, to block the cold temperatures.

If you have a fireplace, make use of it! There is nothing more inviting than resting on the couch, drinking some hot chocolate, with a crackling fire going. Electric powered fireplaces do just fine, as well.


Going outdoors if you are not dressed for it is miserable, so be equipped for the cold when it is time to venture out. Invest in a number of sweatshirts, sweaters, down jacket, waterproof lined boots, wool socks, hats, scarves, and gloves or mittens. Donning warm layered garments makes the cold weather a lot more tolerable.


No, it's not possible to go swimming outside…nevertheless the wintry weather offers quite fun outside options that you simply do not have in hot weather - including, snow. Learn to embrace the snow and like it. Instead of thinking of snow mainly as a burden (shoveling, scraping your car windows, traveling on slick roadways), think of all the entertainment it may provide. Watch kids playing in the snow. They LOVE it…building snowmen, a fort, having a snowball fight, creating snow angels, going sledding, or simply sliding down a hillside on a piece of cardboard. Indulge your inner kid and play.

Check out ice skating. It's a fun activity and might really get the heart pumping, which in turn elevates your body temperature. If you get good at it, the fluid and repetitive movement are very tranquil. It is a good way to meet people, as well. If you are more adventurous, take up skiing or snowboarding. Many mountain regions have snow schools which give lessons in the basics. While you move down the mountain, it's not possible to help but be impacted by the magnificence of nature everywhere. You will feel invigorated.

Take it from us, your professional movers in Little Rock, sure, moving from a hot to a cold local climate takes some getting used to. But in the case that's where you are, you might as well try to enjoy what it can offer. As we say, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"


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