Keeping Your Children Entertained When You Arrive Before the Moving Truck

Moving Day

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
When you move, you and the moving truck normally depart around the same time. After all, you'll need to oversee the loading, and after that you have no need to remain around after all your things are gone. So, you and your children and all your overnight luggage pile up into your vehicle and go forth to the new home. However moving trucks cannot go as fast as a personal car and don't always take the identical course. Therefore, they frequently get there a few hours to a couple of days after the family doing the moving.

Which results in one of the most fascinating dilemmas of moving to Little Rock: Bare House Day. There is certain to be a bit of time where you are at the home with a working key without furniture or cartons to start unpacking. By yourself, you may simply relax with a few videos on your phone. Or perhaps choose to stroll the neighborhood a bit. But if you have kids, it's important to develop a plan. Children may get wiggly, bored, or even scared spending the day and night in a vacant home before the moving truck arrives.

Presently, we are here to discuss several practical techniques for parents to help their children have some fun on Bare House Day.

Plan Spaces with Masking Tape

The first thing your kids will want to do is lay claim to their new space. But without furniture, it's tough to accomplish anything after calling 'dibs'. Except if you employ a roll of masking tape. Using this, you can actually draw off where the furniture would be if you had it, a rectangle for the couch, one for every bed. Even a circle for the doggy bed, should you have pet stuff on the way.

Masking or even painter's tape isn't hard to tear and contains glue weak enough not to leave a residue. Which means you can safely put it on floors as well as wall space without damaging the finish or requiring you to scrub afterward. And you could expend a lot of the evening drawing outlines of bookcases on the wall surfaces and beds on the flooring while the kids get tired enough to camp out for the night.

Dinner Out or Dining In

There is the dilemma of dinner. There are a few methods to cope with eating for the duration of Empty Home Day, from packing a cooler to choosing takeout. If the kids are lively and you've got the moving funds, contemplate taking them out to eat to address supper and make moving day special.

Modern phones and laptops are more than efficient in charging up in the new house in Little Rock and helping you look for a excellent spot close by which is open at night. Or, if you'd prefer to stay in and have an empty home sleepover, get a pizza or takeout. You may also prepare your first meal by packing ingredients and some utensils on your drive. Or swing by a local supermarket to get necessities. All these activities will be enjoyable and memorable, and consume several hours, for your children prior to when the professional movers arrive.

Investigate the Attic

For those who have a whole day to wait for the moving truck in Little Rock, you might want more than a few daylight hour activities. Playing outside in the backyard is a wonderful place to start, nevertheless, you may also investigate the house from top to bottom. Chances are, you did not find each and every nook and cranny prior to choosing to move in. Work with the kids to seek out entry to storage and also utility areas and visit the attic and basement if there are any. (It is important to monitor the youngsters carefully and employ appropriate safety measures.)

Go walking to a Neighborhood Recreation Area

Most communities have a park somewhere within walking range. Apartments as well as HOA residential areas are wonderful concerning keeping their parks well-maintained and ready for neighborhood kids to play. There may also be an elementary school close by that wouldn't mind you enjoying a couple of daylight hours playing at their recreation area.

Do a bit of research, then take the youngsters on a fun stroll to get to be familiar with the community. Here's your ideal chance to find out the route to the nearest park and determine if you're okay with your kids making this trek on their own later. And they can get their first experience of a neat area close by to play.

Sock Glides and Gymnastics Tricks

Last but not least, there are the stuff you can easily do if your home is empty. Like flipping across the wide-open floor or sock-sliding over the total length of the tile areas. Vacant room gymnastics are some of the ideal ways to help your children think of Vacant Home Day like a special occasion to celebrate instead of a spooky time devoid of home furnishings.


When preparing a move to Little Rock with your kids, it's important to remember that you'll almost always get there ahead of the moving truck. Making use of these enjoyable approaches and some that you'll surely think of on the way, you can make it fun for your kids to spend an exciting few days in the vacant house before their stuff catches up with them. For more fantastic moving hints, contact us today!


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