Advantages & Disadvantages of Moving in the Fall

Moving in the FallBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

Moving, anytime of year, is often equal portions enjoyable and hectic. Moving in the fall has its own distinctive perks along with obstacles. Numerous families are finding that moving in the autumn season generates a easier, more enjoyable changeover; others, due to extraordinary circumstances, decide to hold off until a better time. Being professional movers in Little Rock, we want to share with you a handful of pros and cons of relocating in the autumn season:


1. The weather is often nice

If you choose to move in the summer months, you will most likely have to address high temperatures and humidity. In other words, you will sweat plenty as you load and unload your things. However, winter weather conditions tends to make moving cold, unpleasant, and even unsafe.

The autumn is a popular time to move because you stay away from extremes of hot or cold. Autumn temperatures are typically enjoyable, and you most likely won't have to think about wintry or icy driving conditions.

2. Professional movers might have reduced charges

The summer season is typically the peak season for moving. Given that fall comes after peak season, you could be able to get a better deal when working with a moving company in Little Rock.

3. Professional movers might have better availability

Another advantage of moving over the autumn is that the moving company will be in a better spot to allow for your moving dates, given that their calendar isn't as stuffed.


1. It may be more challenging to sell your home

If you don't at the moment rent and have not sold your house yet, then autumn might be a hard time of the year to get a buyer to close on it. However, we must concur that in the current market, this might not be too much of a problem.

2. It can be difficult to "settle into" a new house just before the holiday season

A lot of people are consumed by the holiday season, either on an individual or a business level. Relocating to a different place is usually hectic at any time however may be even more so right before the most busy time of the year (at least for many individuals). Additionally, for those who have youngsters, you will need to really coordinate the move to enable them to transition into a new place with marginal stress - and the autumn months may not be the optimum time to make that materialize.

3. The elements could be unpredictable

Fall weather is frequently pleasant, and free of extremes in temps or humidity. Nevertheless, there's still a component of unpredictability regarding fall weather patterns. For example, if you are moving to or from a northern climate, there's always the chance that an unforeseen snowstorm could strike at the end of autumn - perhaps in November, or even October! Additionally, there is the chance that you will have to deal with a sudden heat wave, or rapid drops in temperature.

Of course, regardless of whether you elect to move in the autumn or not, you should definitely contemplate getting the help of professional movers to make your transition as easy as possible. If you are looking for a reputable moving company to assist you with your move, contact Oil Capitol Relocation in Little Rock today. We will be happy to help!


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