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February 08, 2023

Moving to a New State in 2023? Essential Tips for Interstate Moving

Moving to a New StateBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

Making preparations for a long-distance move to a different state is an interesting and stressful task. There is so much to get done! You are not only preparing your home for a big one-trip move, but you are also preparing for an altogether new life. This means that being organized and partnering with competent people, such as professional movers in Little Rock, is vital to your interstate moving success.

Here at Oil Capitol Relocation, we have helped lots of families and individuals survive a move to a new state, and we are here to provide you with guidelines that should keep your long-distance relocation on-schedule and fairly chaos-free. We’ll dive into ideal tactics to prepare for moving to a different state in 2023.

Secure and Prepare Your Distant Home

The most important component to a successful interstate move is getting your new home ready. This will be more than just getting the key (which is critical), you also need to be sure the electric/water/gas is on with the fridge, water heater, and furnace or A/C already running when you get there with boxes to unpack.

Choose a Door-to-Door Interstate Moving Company

The moving company in Little Rock you choose will shape vital parts of your moving experience…the segment where all your things get securely from one house to the next. Seek a professional mover in Little Rock who possesses a good local reputation, tons of positive online reviews, and the capacity to undertake long-distance moves. A full-service moving company in Little Rock could also help you handle jobs like packing, delicate items, and furniture disassembly and reassembly.

Send or Order Some Items Ahead of Your Arrival

If you need extra supplies when you reach your new house, do not transport them. Instead, order online for delivery to meet you at the new residence. This can lighten your load as well as ensure you have your necessary supplies at the new home. You can also use this suggestion to mail yourself a moving care package for around your day of arrival. These supplies may entail winter gear if moving to a cold climate or even replacement items for things that you chose not to bring with you. Lots of people don’t transport bulky furniture and purchase new furnishings to match the new residence, for example.

Pack Your Essentials to Go with You

Over an interstate move, you will need to travel by plane or car to get to your new residence. This means preparing for travel. You will not want to pack all your personal items into boxes to put onto the truck. Prior to when packing is finished, put together a suitcase and overnight bag of the things to wear, electronics, medications, and other essential items you may require throughout your trip while separated from your household goods.

Consider FILO When Loading the Moving Van

Which items do you want to have available to unload first? Bathroom toiletries, kitchen essentials, and bedding are often at the top of the list. Label these cartons to be loaded up last, which will make them be taken off first once the moving van arrives. This can permit you to set up your bedroom, bathroom, and start cooking immediately. You could have other first-out priorities in addition, such as items for pets or kiddos, or entertainment to spice up the rest of the unpacking.

This process is referred to as FILO, or First In, Last Out - which also means Last In, First Out when it comes to moving. Discuss with your professional movers in Little Rock regarding this strategy and how to obtain the results you're wanting while making sure the moving van is well packed.

The "No Sock Left Behind" Final Check

Do a final walk throught and ask a friend or relative to be a second pair of eyes. Look in every cabinet, drawer, and also closet. Check upper shelves that you need a chair or step to reach, and do not forget to double check the attic, basement, or crawl space where long-term storage items might be found. This is referred to as the "no sock left behind" method and frequently turns up a couple final personal belongings that might have been forgotten.

Keep In Touch with Your Professional Movers

Keep the number of your moving company in Little Rock with you and ask for the cell phone number of your driver. This should help you keep in touch should you or the truck happen upon delays along the route.

Enjoy a Seamless Long-Distance Move with Oil Capitol Relocation

The Oil Capitol Relocation team is passionate about assisting families as well as individuals have a good door-to-door move. We will help you decide the moving services you want, build a schedule that works for you, and align so that your belongings get there safely and on time. Whether you are moving from one state over or across the country, moving to a new state does not have to be hectic if you are working with the Oil Capitol Relocation team.


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