Don't Forget Your Outdoor Items

Packing your outdoor itemsBy Julie DeLong, Oil Capitol Relocation 

If you are planning for a move, it's common to consider every item inside of your residence that will have to be moved to your new house. Having said that, many people have numerous things, like grills as well as patio furniture, outside which cannot be forgotten. Preparing and packing outside belongings for the move can be like packing a lot of your interior pieces of furniture, but just as with just about all household items, it is important to be extra careful to do the job properly. If not, you may arrive at your new residence with damaged furniture plus a dented-up grill.

Serious Cleaning

Before packing a single cushion, do some deep cleaning of the outdoor furniture and also grill. In the event that they aren’t nice and clean for the move, you might end up having grime and dirt on various other things which ride beside them inside the moving truck. Spray all surfaces of the patio furniture down utilizing cleaner, wipe clean and rinse with water. Make certain and get all the cracks and crevices on the furniture. Regarding the grill, get rid of the soot and ashes from inside and thoroughly clean the grease or ash catcher. In addition, consult the owners manual to see if there is a advised cleaning product for the outside and inside of the grill and also to check if they have extra tips for cleaning.


Once you have cleaned your outdoor furniture and also grill, you can begin to pack it up for your move. Take off pillows and cushions from the patio furniture and set them to one side. Take apart any furniture pieces that can easily be disassembled and make certain to keep track of the hardware in a plastic bag or box that you can label and tape to the frame. Cover the pieces of furniture in moving blankets and be certain to cover all the sides using the blankets. Once they're safely packaged, secure the pads with tape to prevent damage. Be certain all throw pillows or cushions are totally free of moisture ahead of packing them inside cartons. Label the boxes for simple recognition in your new house.

Remove grates, trays and small parts from the grill and thoroughly wrap them in packing paper and put them in boxes. You’ll should also take out the propane tank from the grill. Confirm with the moving company in Little Rock if they can load the tank on the moving truck. You will probably have to haul it yourself or leave it behind and buy a new tank soon after arriving to your new house, as the majority of professional movers in Little Rock will not transport anything flammable or combustible. Wrap the grill in moving pads and secure with tape for safe moving.

Remember that a professional mover in Little Rock can assist with the packing and moving of your garden and patio furniture and grill (minus the propane tank). If you wish to forego the stress of packing your outdoor and indoor items, Oil Capitol Relocation in Little Rock would be honored to help with the move. Contact us today to get going on a video or in-home quote.


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